22 August 2014


Do not maroon your brother on an island with all of his mysterious allies.

19 August 2014


If you need a horse badly enough, ruling a kingdom will not help you.

18 August 2014


Decrees dead to inflection are dead to themselves, and liberty plucks justice by the nose.

17 August 2014


Love is not hot blood, hot thoughts, and hot deeds, which are, in fact, a generation of vipers.

16 August 2014


Whether we find ourselves, or not, love fulfills the law.

09 August 2014

08 August 2014

07 August 2014

True Love

I will not fake my own death to avoid my family's disapproval of my true love.

05 August 2014


I will remember that England is not a sceptered isle, but a peninsula that hangs off the bottom of Scotland.

01 August 2014

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